Sonali Chanchani

Sonali ChanChani

I earned my degree in English and Narrative Studies from the University of Southern California and began my career in publishing with an internship at Kaya, an independent press dedicated to publishing authors from the Asian diaspora. I joined Folio in 2015, where I work closely alongside Claudia Cross and Frank Weimann and am actively building my own list.

What I’m looking for: Rich, character-driven stories that combine a strong voice with a compelling hook — narratives that are emotionally resonant, inspire discussion, and provoke us to see the world (and the people who populate it) in new ways.

In fiction, I’m drawn to upmarket and literary fiction, particularly in the realms of contemporary women’s fiction, psychological mysteries and thrillers, family sagas, and historical projects with a touch of magical realism. Bonus points for a witty sense of humor and a smart, incisive perspective.

In nonfiction, I’m interested in narratives with a social justice bent or that illuminate some aspect of our society or culture (I especially love working with journalists in this space). I’m also interested in popular psychology, humor, essay collections, and memoirs that speak to larger societal concerns.

In Young Adult, I gravitate towards contemporary fiction and fantasy/speculative projects, with a soft spot for myth, fairytale, and folklore retellings.

Across the board, I’m a fierce advocate for underrepresented voices and keen to work with authors from marginalized communities to amplify their stories and make sure their voices are heard.

How to submit to me: Please send your query letter and the first 10 pages of your project (pasted in the body of your email) to Please be sure to include the word QUERY and the title of your project in the subject line to ensure that I don’t miss your letter.